Friday, May 25, 2012

Dave Ramsey's FPU only $69 {Mamapedia Deal}

This is definitely a deal that makes cents! I am super excited about this deal! My husband and I paid off all of our credit card debt after we went to see Dave Ramsey Live. While we were at the seminar, we purchased our Financial Peace University Lifetime Membership for $99. We thought it was worth it - and it is! This includes free attendance at any Financial Peace University Class for you and your spouse, The Complete Guide to Money, Financial Peace University Workbook, Audio CD Library, Envelope System, Helpful tidbits and extras (includes budgeting forms, CD-ROM and more)!

Well, the reason I'm so excited is that today you can snag your own Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Lifetime Membership bundle for only $69! WOW!

I believe so strongly in his method for getting and staying out of debt. It truly works!
Go HERE and register for Mamapedia to get this deal. Then purchase your deal available May 25-30 only!

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