Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sign up for Swag Bucks Today - Start with 100 Swag Bucks

If you have not joined Swag Bucks yet, what are you waiting for??? Now is the time to join! I have been a member of Swag Bucks since May 2010, and I have earned enough points for $80 worth of Amazon gift cards! I use them as my play money since there's little wiggle room in our budget for fun shopping. They are going to be a big help at Christmas this year! If you don't like Amazon, you can use your SwagBucks for other merchandise and gift cards. I find the Amazon $5 gift codes to be one of the best value prizes (450 Swag Bucks) since I can buy almost anything with them and they can be combined for bigger purchases.

Go HERE and sign up. (It's FREE!)
Now thru 10/3, enter code BIGTIMEBUCKS to snag an extra 70 Swag Bucks in addition to the 30 you normally get for signing up! That's 100 Swag Bucks! You can also add a profil picture to your account for another 15 Swag Bucks and get another 5 for liking them on Facebook! With all of these points you're almost 1/3 of the way to your first $5 Amazon gift card!

I use Swag Bucks as my search engine homepage (instead of Google, Yahoo or Bing). This is how I earn the most bucks.
You can earn Swag Bucks by doing all of the following:
Searching the Web
Filling out Surveys
Shopping through
Answering Daily Polls
Watching SwagTV
Printing Coupons
Referring Friends
Entering Swag Codes
And more....!

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