Friday, September 23, 2011

Great Deals to Get in Shape and Get Healthy!

It seems that all this deal-hunting (i.e. sitting at the computer all day) is taking a toll on me!

So yesterday I saw a great deal on Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred it's only $7.99 on Amazon (you can get a used copy for $5.99 with free Prime shipping off to the right side of that page), so I picked up a copy with my free gift certificates I got from! (FREE)

Then, this morning, I was browsing around on Zulily for some little boy clothes, when I saw j/fit fitness products on sale! I had a $15 credit to spend from sharing one of their deals with a friend, so I decided on these 10lb. S-Shape Dumbells! With my credit, I only paid $6.94 for a set of dumbells! What a fantastic deal!
Plus, you can save $5 off Orders over $50! Use Code: GA2894

Here's to getting our excercise on! Please let me know if you decide to work out with me! I could use the support!

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