Saturday, August 13, 2011

Money-Saving Finds at an Estate Sale

FoodSaver - GameSaver

My mom came to visit this week (yea!) and we went to an estate sale. She loves going to estate sales and finds a lot of great deals on a lot of great things. But this day in particular, we found some fantastic deals!
We took a stroll around the entire house first to scope out items we were interested in. It helped that they had posted a lot of pictures on their listing on
Then we started taking our time really looking at things. I love kitchen stuff, so I was drawn to the kitchen to check out what they had there. I saw some cute dishes and a roasting pan, but then I went and looked in the corner and there was a FoodSaver - GameSaver Turbo with an unopened box of bags and tons of accessories still in the packaging! Now, here's the funny thing. I had just been looking at a FoodSaver in the Kohl's ad right before we left for the estate sale! It was a small one on sale for $79.99 (org. $119), so I had not really considered going to get it. But this FoodSaver I was looking at on the kitchen counter had a sticker that said $25 and included all the accessories! Wow! I was so excited! Honestly, I have been thinking about getting one of these for years... literally years and years. And it usually pops back into my mind when I'm throwing away food that went bad in my refrigerator. That is one of the most sickening things to me, when I have to throw away food! What a waste...
So anyway, now I will not be throwing away rotten lettuce, moldy cheese, or freezer-burned meat... I will be packaging it all up in a vacuum-sealed package using my FoodSaver! Yippy! I love a great deal that helps me to save even more! :-) I already used it tonight to re-seal our bag of chips after dinner. lol

We also found a huge George Foreman Grill for only $12, so I'm very excited about that find as well!

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